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Greek Feta (PDO), olives, tomato, peppers & herbs

Korelas Masterpies creations with Greek Feta (PDO), olives, tomato, peppers & herbs

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Emerald Hospitality – a 5-star collection for city and resort hotels (breakfast, snacks, room service light meals, appetizers and dishes on restaurant menus), catering for major events, and premium restaurants, where chefs require exceptional flavor and variety that are impossible to prepare every day in their kitchen.


Baking Instructions:

Super square cut pie 2.25 Kg                          Family square cut pie 1.2 Kg                        Super round pie 1.85 Kg

Snack pies  0.05 Kg

Super slab pie 1 Kg                                      Family slab pie  0.5 kg                                    Single slab pie 0.25 kg

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