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100% veal pastirma, semi-hard cheese & tomato

Korelas Masterpies creations with 100% veal pastirma, semi-hard cheese & tomato

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Taylor made – We are neither so small not knowing what’s happening around us, nor are we so big thinking that the world revolves around us. That’s why when you tell us what you need, whether it is for your chain store, or your prized restaurant or hotel, we’ll sit down and make it happen together. As long as it is a top quality pie!


Baking Instructions:

Super square cut pie 2.25 Kg                          Family square cut pie 1.2 Kg                        Super round pie 1.85 Kg

Snack pies  0.05 Kg

Super slab pie 1 Kg                                      Family slab pie  0.5 kg                                    Single slab pie 0.25 kg

Additional information

Weight12 kg
Dimensions47 × 35 × 16 cm