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Greek Feta (PDO) & mizithra cheese mix

Korelas Masterpies creations with Greek Feta (PDO) & mizithra cheese mix

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Pie Sense, a “platinum record” with the finest flavours of the Korelas Masterpies team, a collection of classic pieces such as the vanilla cream or Greek spinach pie, as well as novel new flavours such as mackerel, mozzarella or chocolate spread with rice flakes.


Baking Instructions:

Super square cut pie 2.25 Kg                          Family square cut pie 1.2 Kg                        Super round pie 1.85 Kg

Snack pies  0.05 Kg

Super slab pie 1 Kg                                      Family slab pie  0.5 kg                                    Single slab pie 0.25 kg

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